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SUGAR PAWS CAT-O-Mania Lavender Shampoo for Cats and Kittens 300ml

Parabe And Alcohol Free Conditioning Wash for Cats and Kittens

Rs 349.00 Rs 299.00

Catfest Duck Meat Sticks For All Cat Breeds Made With 100% Natural Ingredients


  • Duck meat
  • Plant products
  • Minerals

Analytical Constituents:

  • Crude protein: 28%
  • Fat: 4.5%
  • Crude fiber: 0.1%
  • Moisture: 25%
  • Energy value: 152.5 kcal
Rs 149.00

CALGOLD Nervine Tonic

Suitable for Cats and dogs. Improves bone & tooth strength, Improves joint strength, Protects from Osteoporosis & Osteomalacia, Expedites post-fracture recovery, Promotes bone development in young pets, Improves lactation, and Prevents bone deformity.

Rs 210.00

PROCOTT SHAMPOO 500ml For Dogs And Cats With Neem And Aloe Vera

Suitable for Canine, Feline. It offers pro-activated dual hair conditioning with the benefit of the vitalizing system, a renewed experience of pure, rich & natural bath for your dog concentrated on freshly picked herbal products like avocado, aloe vera, neem, henna, coconut, dill, and eucalyptus ensures for the healthy rinsing coupled with smooth, shiny and live hair conditioning.

Rs 430.00

METAFLAM 1MG MELOXICAM Chewable Tablets For Effective Pain Relief in Pets

Suitable for Dogs For relief of pain and inflammation in both acute and chronic musculo-skeletal disorders. (Analgesic and Anti Inflammatory)

Formulation: Chewable Tablets
Active Ingredient: Meloxicam
Target Species: Dogs And Cats
Storage: Store in a Cool, Dry Place

Rs 50.00

Mitag with Collar: Pet Anti Loss Device

The Mitag with Collar: Pet Anti-Loss Device is designed for safety and convenience. The anti-loss collar allows you to track your pet anywhere in the world ensuring your pup is always safely in reach. The waterproof and durable design is built to last, giving you peace of mind each time you take your pup out.

1 Year Manufacturing Warranty from date of purchase

Rs 4500.00 Rs 3375.00