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Skincure Pet Wound Healing Spray

Skincure Pet is a multi-action and broad-spectrum spray. Its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory & analgesic properties promote and speed up the healing of a wound. It is gas free and does not produce any sound. Skincure Pet spray contains the natural color of herb extract so it does not stain the pet’s body.
Rs 249.00

Vitazing Pet Multivitamin Syrup for Dogs & Cats

Vitazing pet is a powerful tonic for pets that contains a unique blend of vitamins and amino acids essential for their optimal growth and development. It helps boost their immune system, reduce stress, and maintain healthy skin and coat. Vitazing pet is a must-have for pet owners looking to support their pets’ overall health and well-being.
Rs 249.00

Renosafe Pet For Urinary Problems in Pets

Renosafe is a natural syrup tonic supplement that helps support pet’s urinary health. With its natural diuretic, anti-inflammatory, and urinary antiseptic properties, Renosafe can help dissolve urinary stones, treat UTIs, and promote healthy urination for both cats and dogs.
Rs 299.00

Phytomimmune Pet Natural Immunomodulator

Phytomimmune Pet Immune Booster for Dog Cat Bird: Phytoimmune contains immune-boosting herbs which modify immune functions and strengthens innate immunity. Increasing the phagocytic activity of macrophages helps in maintaining strong body defenses against infections. It provides an optimum response to vaccination programs for longer stays by maintaining higher antibody titers.
Rs 149.00

Nutriresp Pet Cough and Cold Syrup

Nutriresp Pet is a cough syrup based on phytochemical extracts and essential oils from plants. It soothes the respiratory tract and provides relief from respiratory distress such as coughing, sneezing, and congestion. Its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties help in treating allergic and asthmatic symptoms.
Rs 149.00

Mintoliv Pet Herbal Liver Tonic

Mintoliv Pet Herbal Liver Tonic is derived exclusively from natural herbs. It is a synergistic combination of phytochemicals, which act as hepato-protective, hepato-regenerative & hepato-simulative. It contains Silymarin which is a strong antioxidant, that helps repair and restore the normal structure and function of the liver. Mintoliv enhances liver performance by promoting the regeneration of liver cells and increasing protein synthesis in hepatocytes. It stimulates appetite and ensures proper growth and development in young pets.
Rs 169.00