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Petofy Personalized Steel Bottles Water Bottle

Stay hydrated in style with Petofy’s personalized steel bottles. These sleek, durable bottles are not only practical but also customizable with your choice of designs, text, or logos. Quench your thirst with a touch of personal flair.

Rs 599.00

Personalized Dog And Cat Food Bowl

Make your pet’s mealtime special with Petofy’s personalized pet food bowls. Add your pet's name or a unique design for a personal touch!

Rs 499.00

Personalized Metal QR Code Tags for Dogs and Cats

Easily safeguard your pet with our stylish Metal QR tags. These durable tags not only display your pet's name and contact details but also feature a scannable QR code for quick reunions if they ever go missing. Peace of mind in a compact design.

Rs 349.00 Rs 175.00

Petofy Dog QR Code Tag For Dogs And Cats | Personalised Pet Aadhar

Ensure your pet's safety with our Personalised Pet QR Code Tags for dogs and cats. These innovative tags feature a QR code that allows anyone who finds your lost pet to access your contact information instantly.

Rs 299.00 Rs 149.00

ISO Compliant Pet Microchip for Dogs And Cats + Personalised QR Code Tag

Upgrade your pet's safety with our RFID Microchip + FREE Personalized QR Code Tag offer and 35% off!. Don't wait, your pet's safety is our priority. Let's do this!

A quick and safe way to identify a lost pet. Microchipping your pet is one of the best and most permanent ways to identify it. An easy and quick way of pet registration. Helps pet parents travel internationally with their pets. ISO-certified, 15-digit unique identification number for your pet ID.

Rs 2000.00 Rs 1300.00

Cotton Rope Filling Tri-Tuggy Leather Toy for Dogs

Endless Entertainment,
Fun and Fitness Combined,
Oral Health and Stress Relief,
Energy Release and Growth,
Solve the Chewed-Shoe Dilemma.

Rs 430.00