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FOFOS 8 Waterless Wash Gloves With Antibacterial Lotion For Dogs And Cats

Waterless Wash Gloves
Deep Decontamination
With Antibacterial Lotion
Improves Bath Experience.

Rs 385.00

Voice Recording Talking Button For Pet Training (Pack of 4)

Enhance your pet training and communication with the Voice Recording Talking Button Pet Trainer. This innovative device allows you to record custom messages and commands, making it easier than ever to train your furry friend. With its smooth and compact design, this button is perfect for daily use and can help strengthen the bond between you and your pet. Emitting clear and loud sounds, this button ensures that your recorded messages are easily heard by your pet. Record up to 30 seconds of personalized messages, commands, or sounds to tailor your training sessions to your pet's specific needs. Use the button for training purposes, interactive play sessions, or even as a fun gadget for entertainment and pranks with friends. Made of durable ABS plastic, this button is built to withstand daily use. Simply press the 'REC' button to begin recording your message, then click the button to play it back. It's user-friendly and intuitive to use, making it an essential tool for pet owners looking to enhance their training experience.

Rs 2020.00

Multifunctional 2 in 1 Pet Comb With Nail Grinder With USB Charging

Introducing our innovative 2 in 1 Pet Comb + Nail Grinder, a must-have grooming tool for your furry friends! With USB charging capabilities, you can enjoy up to 5 hours of continuous use without the hassle of replacing batteries.

The Electric Pet Massage Brush features a 150° angle design with carefully spaced teeth to provide a soothing massage while effectively removing loose hair. The rounded sticky bead design ensures gentle grooming without harming your pet's skin.

For nail care, our Electric Dog Nail Clippers are equipped with a pet-friendly grinder that operates at a gentle speed, preventing friction burn and minimizing noise and vibration. This ensures a stress-free nail trimming experience for even the most sensitive pets.

With a convenient button design for easy hair removal and a multifunctional tail that includes a nail grinding function, this comb + nail grinder combo is versatile and efficient. Made from durable ABS material and powered by a rechargeable battery, it's a reliable grooming tool for pet owners everywhere.

Rs 872.00

W-Wiggles Pet Sanitizer For Dogs And Cats

  • For cats and dogs
  • Kills 99.9% germs
  • Vet-approved
  • Contains pure essential oils
  • Includes Aloe Barbadensis extract
  • Active ingredient: Benzalkonium Chloride
  • Purified water base
Rs 330.00