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Relaxzyme Natural Enzyme Based Tabs for Dogs And Cats

Shows anti inflammatory effect, Helps in wound healing, Scavenges free radicals, causes debridement of wound, Reduces edema, Dissolves fibrin clots and dead cells, Improves the flow of blood.

Rs 250.00

LIXEN POWDER Treats Bacterial Infections For Large Animals

Suitable for Poultry. Helps in preventing mortality and Fast acting antibiotic with higher Safety & Efficacy. Each gram contains: Cephalexin IP equivalent to anhydrous Cephalexin 75 mg.

Rs 910.00

METAFLAM 1MG MELOXICAM Chewable Tablets For Effective Pain Relief in Pets

Suitable for Dogs For relief of pain and inflammation in both acute and chronic musculo-skeletal disorders. (Analgesic and Anti Inflammatory)

Chewable Tablets
Active Ingredient: Meloxicam
Target Species: Dogs And Cats
Storage: Store in a Cool, Dry Place

Rs 50.00

Vitazing Pet Multivitamin Syrup for Dogs & Cats

Vitazing pet is a powerful tonic for pets that contains a unique blend of vitamins and amino acids essential for their optimal growth and development.

Rs 249.00

PROLIVET Supplements for Cats, Small, Medium, and Large Dogs

Suitable for Dogs, Cats. Hepatic diseases. To maintain liver function
PROLIVET provides tailored vitamin E supplementation for cats and dogs of all sizes. Enriched with Oxomet for enhanced health, it supports immune function, skin, coat, and heart health, while Siliphos aids digestion. Keep your pets thriving with PROLIVETĀ®.

Rs 1400.00

S-16 Lime Sulphur Dip | Kill Fungi, Bacteria, and Parasites in Pets

Lime Sulphur Dip is a solution that is used to treat various skin conditions in pets. It is made up of sulfurated lime solution, which is a mixture of calcium polysulfides and hydrated lime. This combination is effective in killing fungi, bacteria, and parasites that cause skin problems in pets.

Rs 380.00