FOFOS Crocodile Shaped Snuffle Fabric Mat For Dogs | Hide The Food Inside Mat

Simply hide your dog’s preferred pet food inside the mat.

Rs 1250.00

Fofos Snuffle Mat - Crocodile is an interactive dog toy that will become a guide in your dog's life. This toy promotes the general curiosity of the dog and at the same time generates their basic instinct. Shaped like an Crocodile, it has flaps all over its soft fleece fabric where one can hide their food so as to instill a habit of searching for their food rather than just eating it out of the bowl. Puzzle toys like these are very important for dogs' growth. The soft fleece fabric is very gentle on their skin and nose and the dogs can just lie down on the mat after having a good time ‘digging’ for their food. This toy is very stimulating for the mind and the nose of a growing dog.