Go, Go, Cottage Cheese 300 gram

Rs 300.00

Go, Go, Cottage Cheese is a great source of PROTEIN for vegetarian furry friends. It contains Cottage Cheese, Green Peas, Sweet Potato, Carrots, Moringa Powder, Apples, Flaxseeds, Blueberries, Turmeric & Stock all made together in Olive Oil. It is a good source of PROTEIN and is LOW in FAT & CHOLESTEROL. It is rich in AMINO ACIDS. Cottage Cheese contains PROBIOTICS which supports a HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM. In terms of vitamins & minerals, it’s packed with VITAMIN A, B12, B6, E & K and minerals- CALCIUM, MAGNESIUM, POTASSIUM, PHOSPHORUS, RIBOFLAVIN, THIAMIN, NIACIN, FOLATE, ZINC, COPPER & IRON. These vitamins and minerals are good for your dog's VISION, SKIN, DIGESTION, IMMUNE SYSTEM, NERVES, HEART, PROTECT CELLS from damage. They are rich in BETA- CAROTENE. The recipe contributes to ORAL HEALTH as well. The ingredients have ANTIOXIDANTS, ANTIMICROBIAL PROPERTIES which helps REDUCE INFLAMMATION, PREVENTS RASHES REGULATES BLOOD SUGAR. Our recipe is a COMPLETE & BALANCED meal and is GRAIN- FREE.

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