LIXEN POWDER Treats Bacterial Infections For Large Animals

Suitable for Poultry. Helps in preventing mortality and Fast acting antibiotic with higher Safety & Efficacy. Each gram contains: Cephalexin IP equivalent to anhydrous Cephalexin 75 mg.

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LIXEN POWDER (Cephalexin intrauterine powder for suspension IP) is a medication used for treating infections in the uterus (womb) or reproductive tract in female animals, particularly in veterinary medicine. It's formulated to be administered directly into the uterus and is commonly used in livestock such as cows and horses to treat conditions like metritis (inflammation of the uterus) or other uterine infections. This form of cephalexin delivery allows for targeted treatment of localized infections.

Key Features of LIXEN POWDER: 
Fast Relief
Versatile Treatment
Broad Spectrum
Safe & Reliable
Convenient Admin
Trusted Composition
Precise Dosage
Reliable Storage
Reputable Brand

Suitable For Large Animals:
Cow, Horse, Buffalo, Sheep, Goat