Suitable for Can be given to all breeds of dogs and cats. Dosage according to body weight or manufacturer should be followed. Safe for use in pregnant female pets. Recurrent Infections Inactivity Poor Growth Dry Skin & Rough Hair Coat

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Calcium 3.5%; Phosphorus 2.5%; Salt 0.6%; Potassium 0.4 %; Magnesium 0.15%; Chloride 0.10%; Iron 3mg; Zinc 1.4mg; Manganese 0.25mg; Copper 0.1mg; Vitamin A 1000 IU; Vitamin D 100 IU; Vitamin E 2 IU; Niacin 10mg; Riboflavin 1mg; Thiamine 0.81mg; Pyridoxine 0.1mg; Vitamin B₁₂ 0.5mcg.