NAYFLEE PLUS SPOT ON DOG 1.34 ML For Effective Cleansing

Suitable for Dogs It is indicated for effective cleansing as well as enhanced antimicrobial activity. It provides broad-spectrum bacteriacidal activity and by binding to the proteins of the skin increases residual activity. Miconazole is potent anti-fungal agent and is highly effective against gram-positive bacteria, fungi and yeast, including malassezia pachydermatis.

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NAYFLEE PLUS SPOT ON DOG 1.34 ML is an advanced treatment suitable for dogs, designed for effective cleansing and enhanced antimicrobial activity. This potent formula provides broad-spectrum bactericidal action, binding to the skin's proteins to increase residual activity. With Miconazole, a powerful antifungal agent, it effectively combats gram-positive bacteria, fungi, and yeast, including malassezia pachydermatis. Additionally, it contains Fipronil (9.8% w/v) and (S)-Methoprene (8.8% w/v), ensuring comprehensive protection against a wide range of external parasites. This spot-on treatment ensures your dog remains free from fleas, fungi, and other microbial threats.