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Nutricare Anti Tick and Flea Shampoo for Dogs & Cats

Nutricare's Anti Tick and Flea shampoo is a highly effective solution for combating ectoparasites like ticks, lice, and mites in Dogs and Cats.

Rs 320.00

Nutricare Coat Cleanser and Conditioner

Nutricare's Coat Cleanser and Conditioner creates a luxurious lather that effectively cleans and smoothens pet hair coats.
Rs 320.00

Dysen-00 Pet Digestive Stimulant & Bowel Regulator

Get instant relief from Abdominal Discomfort and Indigestion Digestive Stimulant and Bowel Regulator that helps in Abdominal Discomfort in Dogs, Cats & Birds.
Rs 220.00

Growthzing Pet for Strong Bones & Teeth in Pups and Kittens

Growthzing Pet is formulated as a growth-boosting supplement for growing pups and kittens. It promotes optimal skeletal growth, and better muscle development, and builds strong bones and teeth.
Rs 210.00

Haemomax Pet Syrup for Anemia in Pets

Haemomax pet is a highly palatable, iron riched tonic, with a unique combination of glycine-chelated minerals, Vitamin B-complex, and amino acids. It is effective in treating and preventing anemic conditions in pets. It also improves health in weak and debilitated animals and reduces stress.
Rs 180.00

Mintoliv Pet Herbal Liver Tonic

Mintoliv Pet Herbal Liver Tonic is derived exclusively from natural herbs. It is a synergistic combination of phytochemicals, which act as hepato-protective, hepato-regenerative & hepato-simulative. It contains Silymarin which is a strong antioxidant, that helps repair and restore the normal structure and function of the liver. Mintoliv enhances liver performance by promoting the regeneration of liver cells and increasing protein synthesis in hepatocytes. It stimulates appetite and ensures proper growth and development in young pets.
Rs 169.00