OPULENCE H PLUS Tablets To Address Heart Failure in Dogs

  • Product: Opulence H Plus
  • Suitable for: Dogs
  • Indication: Addresses heart failure per modified NYHA classification
  • Key Ingredient: Pimobendan 5 mg
  • Formulation: Tablets colored with Iron Oxide Red NF
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Opulence H Plus is a specialized medication suitable for dogs, specifically formulated to address heart failure according to the modified New York Heart Association (NYHA) classification system. Dogs experiencing NYHA Class II heart failure may exhibit symptoms such as fatigue, shortness of breath, and coughing when they exceed ordinary exercise. For those with NYHA Class III heart failure, minimal exercise capacity is observed while they remain comfortable at rest. Dogs with NYHA Class IV heart failure exhibit no exercise capacity and present disabling clinical signs even at rest. Each tablet of Opulence H Plus contains Pimobendan 5 mg along with excipients, providing comprehensive support for managing heart failure in dogs. The tablets are colored with Iron Oxide Red NF.

Pimobendan 5 mg, Excipient q.s. Colour: Iron Oxide Red NF.