Personalised Pet Aadhar | Pet Tag

Ensure your pet's safety with our Personalised Pet QR Code Tags. These innovative tags feature a QR code that allows anyone who finds your lost pet to access your contact information instantly.
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IMPORTANT - Kindly provide the engraving details for the name tag via WhatsApp, using the QR mentioned in the images you can get redirected to our whatsapp! DURABLE IN ANY WEATHER: Our tags are specifically designed to be water-proof and rust-proof. Crafted from high-grade acrylic plastic, they are not susceptible to rusting and remain unaffected by water exposure. PRODUCT COMPATIBILITY: Our tags are suitable for pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, parrots, and more. PET-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: Our tags are not made of metal, eliminating any concerns about skin irritation, redness, fur loss, itchiness, or scaly skin. If your pet is allergic to metal, rest assured that our tags are safe and won't cause these issues. LONG-LASTING ENGRAVINGS: The details on our name tags are expertly etched, ensuring that they will not fade over time. FEATHER-LIGHT DESIGN: Our tags are incredibly lightweight, weighing only around 7 grams. They have a compact size of 2 inches, ensuring comfort for your pet. MADE IN India: Our tags are proudly crafted in India, supporting local manufacturing and ensuring high-quality standards. “With Pet Aadhar, you can provide your pet with a personalized identification tag that goes beyond the ordinary.”
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