Pet Snugs

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Security Bandana For Pets Neck | Subtle & Stylish

Subtle & Stylish Pet Accessory for your Furry Friend. Made with Soft Cotton Fabric. Has an Elastic to Adjust the Size. It is light on your pets skin and can be easily worn by wrapping it around your pets neck.

Rs 249.00

Petsnugs Anti Tick & Flea Shampoo With Neem & Peach

Petsnugs Anti Tick & Flea Shampoo is made with Nature’s finest Ingredients such as Neem & Peach that will keep both you and your Pet Happy & Healthy. The Neem has effective Cleansing and Healing properties to give a fresh, clean, and Tick Free Coat. No Harsh Chemicals have been added so you can be sure that your Furry Loved ones will have Wonderful Bath that they look forward to. This Shampoo kills and repels Ticks and Fleas for all Breeds of Dogs & Cats.

Rs 249.00

Fur Fresh Tea Tree Shampoo For Pet's Healthy And Shiny Coat

The Perfect Coat for your pet is quite possible! Try this herbal shampoo to make your pet’s coat look healthy and shiny. Mild shampoo prevents itching associated with insect bites or stings from mosquitos, houseflies, fleas and mites.

Rs 249.00

Petsnugs Cologne Spray For Pets 100% Alcohol Free

Petsnugs Spray Cologne uses pure essential oils and fragrance to provide a unique blend of aromatherapy that is mild and pleasing for you and your pet. Enjoy Full Pleasing blend of these synergistic blends that are free of alcohol and any other known ingredients that might have harmful side effects while keeping your precious pet smelling nice and fresh.

Rs 249.00

Petsnugs Warm & Stylish Cable Knit Sweater For Dogs And Cats

Petsnugs Warm & Stylish Winter Wear Fashionable Cable Knit Sweater for all types of Occasions suitable for Dogs & Cats.

Rs 0.00

Petsnugs Bone and Paws Printed Adjustable Sweater for Dogs & Cats

Petsnugs Warm & Stylish Winter Wear Fashionable Bones & Paws Sweater for all types of Occasions Suitable for Dogs & Cats.

Rs 0.00