PHOS-CLEAR Nutritional Supplement for Kidney Health

Suitable for Dogs, Cats To reduce serum phosphorus level like in CKD. In cases of renal secondary hyperparathyroidism. Supports normal kidney function.

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Phos-Clear is a specialized nutritional supplement designed to support the normal function and health of the kidneys in pets. Formulated with Rx-Vitamins, it is specifically crafted to reduce serum phosphorus levels, particularly beneficial in cases of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and renal secondary hyperparathyroidism. Each serving contains 100mg/kg/day of Al(OH)3, aiding in phosphorus reduction. Administered with food, Phos-Clear should be divided among feedings. Rich in essential vitamins such as A, C, D, E, along with selenium and zinc, it promotes overall kidney function. Suitable for all life stages, Phos-Clear comes in a convenient powder form, ensuring ease of administration for pet owners.

Aluminum Hydroxide (USP) 250 mg.

Note: Aluminium toxicity has not been found to be a concern in dogs and cats.