Skin Care

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Nutricare Anti Tick and Flea Shampoo for Dogs & Cats

Nutricare's Anti Tick and Flea Shampoo is a highly effective solution for combating ectoparasites like ticks, lice, and mites in Dogs and Cats.

Rs 320.00

Nutricare Pet Coat Cleanser and Conditioner For Pets

Nutricare's Pet Coat Cleanser and Conditioner creates a luxurious lather that effectively cleans and smoothens pet hair coats.

Rs 320.00

Procott Soap For Dog's Skin | Provide Relief From Itching And Dryness

Suitable for Canine. The soap also helps to nourish the coat of the dog and keep away dryness. It can be used for all types of dogs. The formulation of the soap is gentle for the pets' skin.

Rs 70.00

PROLIVET Supplements for Cats, Small, Medium, and Large Dogs

Suitable for Dogs, Cats. Hepatic diseases. To maintain liver function
PROLIVET provides tailored vitamin E supplementation for cats and dogs of all sizes. Enriched with Oxomet for enhanced health, it supports immune function, skin, coat, and heart health, while Siliphos aids digestion. Keep your pets thriving with PROLIVETĀ®.

Rs 1400.00

PRURIGO Hydrocortisone Spray For Dogs For For Various Skin Conditions

Suitable for dogs Only. Atopic dermatitis, Hot spot, Flea allergic dermatitis, Allergic dermatitis, Infectious dermatitis, Autoimmune disorders, Insect bites.

Rs 400.00

S-16 Lime Sulphur Dip | Kill Fungi, Bacteria, and Parasites in Pets

Lime Sulphur Dip is a solution that is used to treat various skin conditions in pets. It is made up of sulfurated lime solution, which is a mixture of calcium polysulfides and hydrated lime. This combination is effective in killing fungi, bacteria, and parasites that cause skin problems in pets.

Rs 380.00