Whoof Whoof Full Body Three Layer Belt Harness in Extra Large Size and Red Colour

No Choke Harness has soft breathable cushioning that keeps your dog cool and comfy all day long, and spreads pressure evenly rather than solely on the neck. Safe locks and reflective strips and threads keeps the dog well put and provides better visibility during nighttime. Adjustment points for a snug, perfect fit. Snap release buckle for ease of letting go and locks. Escape proof dog harness ensures a safer dog walking experience. Support harness for senior dogs included. Padded safety handles for extra comfort and strain prevention.

Rs 2375.00

Barkbutler x Whoof Whoof Three Layer Harness provides much needed support and control to doggo on the go. Reflective thread and strips woven for better visibility. Safe locks to prevent jerks. Padded safety handles for strain prevention. Heavy duty D-ring for unleashing prevention. Adjustment point for a snug, perfect fit. No choke harness spreads pressure evenly rather than just the neck area. Soft breathable cushions are coat friendly and provide much needed comfort. Escape proof dog harness for a fussy, runny doggo. Also has a support harness for senior dogs.