Phytomimmune Pet Natural Immunomodulator

Phytomimmune Pet Immune Booster for Dog Cat Bird: Phytoimmune contains immune-boosting herbs which modify immune functions and strengthens innate immunity. Increasing the phagocytic activity of macrophages helps in maintaining strong body defenses against infections. It provides an optimum response to vaccination programs for longer stays by maintaining higher antibody titers.
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Phytomimmune Pet is a powerful immune booster formulated specifically for dogs, cats, and birds. Packed with a blend of potent immune-boosting herbs, this supplement effectively enhances and strengthens the innate immunity of your pets. By modifying immune functions, it helps fortify the body's natural defenses against infections. Notably, Phytomimmune Pet promotes the phagocytic activity of macrophages, further bolstering the immune system. This comprehensive immune support also contributes to improved vaccination responses, ensuring longer-lasting antibody titers. Give your pets the advantage of optimal immune health with Phytomimmune Pet, providing them with a robust shield against illnesses.