Phytomimmune Pet Natural Immunity Booster for Dogs Cats And Birds

Phytoimmune contains immune-boosting herbs which modify immune functions and strengthens innate immunity.

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Phytomimmune Pet Natural Immunomodulator Features

Immune-Boosting Powerhouse: Phytomimmune Pet Natural Immunomodulator
Tailored for Pets: Formulated for Dogs, Cats, and Birds
Enhances Innate Immunity: Boosts Natural Defenses Against Infections
Phagocytic Activity Boost: Promotes Macrophage Activity for Stronger Immunity
Optimized Vaccination Response: Maintains Higher Antibody Titers for Extended Protection
Comprehensive Immune Support: Formulated for Robust Shielding Against Illnesses
Longer-Lasting Protection: Ensures Pets Enjoy Optimal Immune Health for Longer Durations