LED Smart Gravitational Rotating Ball

High-Quality Materials, Intelligent Mode, Quiet Operation, Bite-Resistant, Durable, USB charging And Hook.

Vendor: Claws N Paws
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The Gravitational Rolling Ball is your pet's perfect playmate, providing exercise, mental stimulation, and hours of fun. Treat your furry friend to this intelligent and engaging toy today!

High-Quality Materials: Crafted from food-grade ABS and soft silicone, the Gravitational Rolling Ball is designed with your pet's safety and enjoyment in mind. It's bite-resistant, durable, and safe for hours of play.

Optimal Size: Measuring 43mm in diameter, this ""claw control"" ball is thoughtfully sized to match your pet's primitive hunting instincts, providing an engaging play experience.

Intelligent Mode: In intelligent mode, the ball responds to patting, simulating the movements of prey as it rolls and intelligently navigates around obstacles, providing endless entertainment.

Quiet Operation: Enjoy peaceful nights while your pet plays. With a 90% cache material package in the outer layer, the ball rolls quietly, ensuring you and your pet can sleep undisturbed.

Bite-Resistant and Durable: The soft silicone wrap increases friction and ensures the ball can withstand enthusiastic play, making it both bite-resistant and highly durable.

USB Charging: It's USB charging feature make it more durable and gives it long time to play ball.