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Barkbutler Small Yellow Football | Dog Chew Toy

Durable dog chew toy with an erratic bounce to it a vanilla-scented, treat-dispensing toy that lets you stuff food or treats inside. Made from 100% natural rubber. Ideal for small-medium dogs (5-20kg). For Strong Chewer – These toys are designed to be more durable than most toys. Not recommended for extremely aggressive chewers.

Rs 399.00

Cotton Rope Filling Tri-Tuggy Leather Toy for Dogs

Endless Entertainment,
Fun and Fitness Combined,
Oral Health and Stress Relief,
Energy Release and Growth,
Solve the Chewed-Shoe Dilemma.

Rs 430.00

Owl Shaped Leather Dog Toy

Meet Owl, the fur-tastically stitched marvel! This toy combines an extra layer of fabric fortitude with the softest snuggle material, making it both durable and huggable. Leather Suede ECO friendly coconut filling Cotton Jute 10 mm With femur bone 1.5 inch.


Rs 999.00

Deer Rope Romp Leather Toy for Dogs and Cats

Meet the Deer Rope Romp - Your Pet's Playtime Pal Endless Fun, Zero Boredom. Our Deer Rope Romp is your pet's ultimate partner in crime, delivering endless hours of unbridled fun! Say goodbye to days of lonely isolation anxiety and the dreaded "boredom blues. With leather suede, ECO friendly, and coconut filling cotton Jute(10 mm).

Rs 880.00

Cocopeat Stuffing Peacock Dog Leather Toy

Prepare for boundless joy with our delightful Peacock! This adorable Pyari Peacock bird toy isn't just an accessory – it's a passport to non-stop fun with your furry companion.

Rs 820.00

Self Rotating Gravity Ball For Dogs And Cats

The Gravitational Rolling Ball is more than just a toy; it's an intelligent companion for your pet's playtime. Crafted from food-grade ABS and wrapped in soft, skin-friendly silicone, this ball is built to withstand play and keep your pet engaged. Its interactive features, advanced sensors, and smart movement patterns enhance your pet's natural predatory skills. With a long-lasting rechargeable battery, it offers extended playtime, making it perfect for solo play when your pet needs mental stimulation and physical activity. Easy to clean and suitable for all pets, this ball revolutionizes playtime for a healthier, happier pet.

Rs 1595.00