Monkey Shaped Leather Dog Toy

Leather Suede ECO friendly coconut filling dog toy. Our Triangle Leather Chew Toy is the ultimate entertainer for your canine companion, whether it's an exhilarating game of fetch or a thrilling tug-of-war showdown.

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*Toy Features*

Endless Entertainment:
These paw-some toys guarantee round-the-clock delight for your furry pals.
An irresistible design that'll have your doggo howling for more fun and playtime adventures!

Fun and Fitness Combined:
This toy transforms every game into an absolute blast for your beloved fur baby.
Offers hours of engaging chew-time fun.

Oral Health and Stress Relief:
Beyond fun, these toys provide essential teeth cleaning and gum massages.
Aids in stress relief, ensuring a happy and healthy pup.

Energy Release and Growth:
With your furry friend's focus on these delightful playthings, excess energy finds a healthy release.
Contributes to growth and weight management, making for a happier, healthier dog.

Solve the Chewed-Shoe Dilemma:
Bid farewell to chewed-up shoes and welcome our value-packed solution for your dog's happiness and your peace of mind!