Owl Shaped Leather Dog Toy

Meet Owl, the fur-tastically stitched marvel! This toy combines an extra layer of fabric fortitude with the softest snuggle material, making it both durable and huggable. Leather Suede ECO friendly coconut filling Cotton Jute 10 mm With femur bone 1.5 inch.


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Rs 999.00

*Toy Features*

Squeaky Surprises Inside:

But the real magic happens on the inside.
A hidden cocopeat-stuffed squeaker that delights with each tug, producing a symphony of squeaks!

More Than Just a Toy:
Owl is more than just a toy; it's a canine workout guru.
It encourages your furry friend to chew (femur bones), fetch, tug, and nibble their way to fitness fun.

The Perfect Size:
Sized just right for small to medium-sized pups, including dachshunds, spitz, and pomeranians.
The ideal playmate for a pawsome time indoors.
Owl is ready to bring endless joy to your furry companion, keeping them engaged, active, and entertained!